Dear Church,

As you may have seen on the news this week, Boris Johnson has briefed the nation on the latest measures that the Government would like us to take to help manage the national Coronavirus situation.


Amongst other things it was said, "now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and non-essential travel" and that we should all avoid all social gatherings and social contact.


We wanted to (a) adhere to the authorities that God has put over us, and (b) communicate quickly and clearly what our response is.


Therefore in light of the instructions today we have made the decision as Elders and Trustees to cease all public gatherings in their current format, Sunday mornings, Life Groups, Little Pines, Coffee Morning and everything else until further notice.

The reason we say we will stop meetings 'in their current format' is that we will still very much be operating as a church - loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbours. For example, we will be using on-line resources to 'meet' together on Sunday morning, and having different creative ways for us to still be a church family and to connect with one another - please keep an eye out for more details of this over the coming days and keep the time free for now.


This is THE time for the church to step forward not back. In prayer. In love for our neighbours. In not giving into fear.

Let's remember that God is sovereign - he works out ALL things for His glory and our good, and often through difficult situations many turn to Him.


It's also time to be creative. If you have other ideas on how we can best serve God, each other and our communities - then do get in touch. Drop Adam an email on


Let's all be on the front foot to care for one another wherever we can.


Remember: none of this is taking our Heavenly Father by surprise. WE ARE SAFE IN HIS HANDS.


He can use this time for His purposes in our lives, our church and our nation.

with love from the Elders at Pinehurst Community Church

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