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Paul & Steph Dixon since 2010 have worked as  missionaries in France with an organisation called  Operation Mobilisation (OM). 

Paul's job is to coordinate the short-term outreach projects in France, which consists of working directly with churches who need help to run these outreach weeks. In addition, he is also responsible for sending French participants abroad to work on short-term projects with OM in different countries. Steph helps in the finance department, keeping things ticking over administratively, in addition to supporting and accompanying Paul in his role - the brains behind the operation! Their sons Josh & Nathan also enjoy taking part in these outreach weeks when they take place during the school holidays. They would love for you to be involved in this ministry in some way! They need people to pray, to give and to go!

Bible Educational Services commenced in 1958 when Bert and Wendy Gray started sending Bible Lessons to children in Southern Ireland. 

Interest grew and Centres were set up in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to distribute English Bibletime lessons. From the 90's Bibletime lessons began establishing acorss the world in places such as Eastern Europe and Africa. Children in every continent are now using Bibletime lessons in various forms and it is estimated that 30 different countries either have translated lessons or are in the process of working on translation and children in over 50 countries are now using the lessons. BES are very grateful for Pinehurst's support of their work which has grown in quite an amazing way. Stephen Gillham of Pinehurst is the Editor of re-writing and revision of the lessons. ​For more information click here to go to the BES website.

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