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About Us

Pinehurst Community Church is a family of people, from many different walks of life, who are being transformed by the love of Jesus. We believe that Jesus can bring hope to anyone and any place in the world.


We are continually seeking new ways of strengthening our association with the community of West Moors through working together with different organisations like our schools, local charities, caring  groups, businesses, parish council and other churches.

Mindful of our responsibility to people throughout the world who are less fortunate than ourselves, we support mission and aid organisations.

We hold a Sunday morning meeting each week starting at 10am which is very relaxed and suitable for all ages and all sorts of people. Just be yourself!


After our meeting we have a time with free tea and coffee, which is a great way to get to know other people so do come and say hi.


Our story begins over 60 years ago when a few from Three Legged Cross had a vision to start a children’s Sunday school in West Moors.


The building, as it is now, started out its life in 1943 as a corrugated iron shed.


Over the years there have been replacement structures, building and extensions, the last extension being in 2009.


The vision, growth and provision of monies enabling Pinehurst to continue to grow into the 21st Century is a testimony to the God who says “I will build my church”.

It is God who builds His church here on earth and God who provides the resources for that growth.


We here at Pinehurst are indeed privileged to be His co-workers and the recipients of His grace and blessings.

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