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We want to see lives transformed through the work we are involved with and by partnering with others in our community and beyond.


Giving to Pinehurst is an investment into all of our ministries, in order to reach those who don’t know Jesus yet, and to make disciples.


This includes our children and youth work, pastoral care, community support and staff salaries - all of these works and more require regular church giving in order to flourish and grow.


The Bible teaches that everything we own belongs to God (Psalm 24:1) - He is the owner, we are simply the stewards. Many people find the 10% tithe to be a helpful guideline. However, this is not a rule - the New Testament emphasis is that what you give should be generous and sacrificial.


Giving is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate how thankful we are to God for the grace He has shown us. Giving is a privilege, a joy and a great investment.


You can give in a number of ways...


Standing Order or Bank Transfer

Regularly, or as and when,

Name: Pinehurst Community Church
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account no: 00029567


Cash or Cheque


We take up a weekly collection during our Sunday morning meeting for any that like to give by cash or cheque. If paying by cheque then please make it payable to 'Pinehurst Community Church'.


Gift Aid


If you’re a UK tax payer at the basic rate or higher we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf. This is an extra 25p from HMRC for every £1 you give. There is no lower limit on the amount you can give, but the gift needs to be traced back to the giver.


So if this is you then please email for a 'Gift Aid Declaration'.

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