Our Vision


Our vision is to see the transforming power of Jesus at the heart of who we are, and to proclaim that good news of Jesus Christ to those around us.



We love God for all he has done in our lives and all that he continues to do. We love Jesus for saving us by dying on the cross. We love the Holy Spirit that he gifts us and empowers us to live life to the full.


We would describe ourselves as a ‘Word and Spirit’ church. We love the Bible and everything we do comes back to it. We also love the fact that as Christian’s Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to empower us, equip us, and gift us in life.

We come together every Sunday to worship our amazing God and give him thanks for all that he is.


We also love the fact that He doesn’t just leave us like this but looks to transform us into the people he wants us to be.




We are a community of people and we want everyone to belong and find their place here. We want to see a growing vibrant community, where no matter where you are from, or what age you are, you can call this place home.


This is a place where everyone can find love, acceptance and forgiveness, no matter where they have been or what they have done.


As people find their home here, we want to see them grow into disciples of Jesus who take the Gospel with them everywhere they go.


We want to see the young and old develop a relationship with Jesus and see every believer get baptised as a result of following him.


And ultimately we want to see people love the community of West Moors and surrounding areas and share the good news with everyone they come into contact with. We want to help the hurting, bring healing to the broken and bless our community in as many ways as possible.




We want to see people who know their identity in Jesus and who love life so much that they want to give themselves in service to others. We want to be a people that are categorised by joy and compassion.

pinehurst community church


Church Office: 01202 892776

E-mail: office@pinehurst.org.uk

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