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Our vision is to see lives transformed, transforming their community.


We love God for all he has done in our lives and all that he continues to do. We love Jesus for saving us by dying on the cross, for being resurrected and therefore defeating death. We love the Holy Spirit, that He gifts us and empowers us to live life to the full.


We also love the fact that He transforms us into the people He wants us to be day by day. As our lives are transformed by His grace, it brings God glory because we start to live fully for Jesus.


We want to see people grow in their relationship with Jesus and then give themselves in service to others.



As people find their home here, we want to see them grow into disciples of Jesus, who take the Gospel with them everywhere they go. (Matthew 28)


We want to see people love their community and share the good news with everyone they come into contact with, whether through actions or words.


We want to help the hurting, bring healing to the broken and bless our communities in as many ways as possible. (Isaiah 61)



As we look to grow in our relationship with Jesus, you will find a whole community of people supporting you and encouraging you (even if you make a mistake).


Everyone loves a bit of fun! The church should be one of the most exciting places in the world because of the joy we can find in Jesus.


We look to demonstrate the extravagance of God’s love, which we have experienced, by being generous to others with our attitudes, time & money.


Everything we do is relational. Strong relationships are what helps the church to be family, and there is always more room within this family!


This is a place where everyone can find love, acceptance and forgiveness, no matter where they have been or what they have done.

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